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If you are looking for a competent doctor who can take care of your back care needs as well as your overall health issues, you have come to the right place! We are determined to find the source of your condition and bring you back to wellness. It is, after all, our mission!

We put our patients first. We listen to you and help you heal. Our unique holistic approach is more proactive than traditional care. We specialize in a variety of traditionally "hard to treat" conditions, including sports injurty, fibromyalgia, pregnancy & postpartum issues, food allergies, thyroid conditions, weight loss and detox and more!

Dr. Brian Asks...

Are you tired all the time??
Have a weak immune system??
Do you need to lose some weight?
Leg cramps ??  Restless Leg Syndrome??
Are you taking cholesterol lowering drugs?

Get the facts on fat
Confused about allergies??
Thyroid problem? You could be low in iodine
The real cause of skin issues.
Should you take an antacid??
Have trouble sleeping at night??


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Patients Speak


Hear from our patients who have received relief from a variety of ailments through chiropractic care and whole food nutrition.

Nutritional Lessons


Learn about the health-building effects of whole foods and whole food supplements, and find answers to your everyday nutritional questions!!

Our mission is to bring you back to wellness!

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